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History of the Tagudinians of Northern California

By: Feliciano Pagaduan

August 10, 1985, to be exact, a group of about 70 Tagudinians had a picnic in Coyote Point Park, San Mateo, Ca.  There the idea of forming an organization was conceived.

About a year later, in June 1986, we had an organizational meeting and the election of our first set of officers.  Rom Waldo Villanueva presided at the meeting at Broadmoor Hall in Daly City.  There were a great number of attendees who were excited about the organization.  Our first set of officers were formed.

In August of that same year (1986), we had our second annual picnic.  I remember how much fun the children had.  The next generation of Tagudinians were getting to know each other.  By October (1986), we had our first meeting of the elected officers, directors, and board of advisers to discuss the first installation of officers. 

A gala event was held at the San Francisco Airport Hilton in November 1986.  Our directory of members included 220 individual members.  Quite a big number for a newly formed organization.

The Tagudinians of Northern California is a strong organization that continues to grow and thrive.  We have helped our townmates through fund-raising activities, : Construction of High School Building in Pudoc and sponsoring two  Student Ambassadors – one from Tagudin High School, Genevieve Fernandez, the other from St. Augustine School, Paolo Lorente.

I am proud to be a founding member of this organization.  Perhaps, I am one of the most senior members of this organization. 


 Purpose and Objectives

  • To provide humanitarian services and financial assistance to the poor, needy, distressed or underprivileged.
  • To extend relief and assistance to students intending to advance their education.
  • To extend relief and assistance to educational institutions in need of monetary assistance, books, equipment or technical skills.
  • To extend relief and assistance to medical clinics or hospitals by providing equipment, technical skills and medical supplies.

 Programs and Activities

   Christmas party celebration.

   Annual summer picnic.

   Provide Scholarship Fund for deserving high school





       San Francisco & Bay Area







            Tagudin, Ilocos Sur








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